From the Outer Hebrides to the South Atlantic

Aquila supports operations worldwide

Aquila engineering teams at strategic international locations provide rapid, cost-effective and dependable support. Highly experienced, locally based teams work hand-in-hand with partners on the ground to provide reliable operations.

With permanent support teams based in Cyprus, the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar, Aquila has a growing international team. Able to establish new international hubs in support of partner operations, Aquila assures a robust and expert local service.

We provide services in remote locations and inhospitable conditions. Our permanent presence in the Outer Hebrides ensures reliable and rapid support.

Aquila can also provide deployable systems for rapid and temporary operations in the field.

The Falkland Islands

British Armed Forces are based in the Falklands to demonstrate the UK Government’s continued commitment to the security of UK Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic.

Aquila has a dedicated engineering team based at RAF Mount Pleasant Airfield. It manages and provides 24/7 services and support for British Armed Forces assets in the Falkland Islands and Ascension Island in the South Atlantic.


Aquila supports British Forces Cyprus and operations in the Mediterranean region to protect the UK’s strategic interests.

Aquila has a dedicated team based at RAF Akrotiri. It provides 24-hour services and maintenance support for the air traffic management equipment at sites across the island.


Aquila supports British Armed Forces with operations and NATO exercises in the Mediterranean and Iberian peninsular regions.

Aquila provides air traffic control and 24 hour systems support at Gibraltar International Airport, the joint Ministry of Defence and commercial airfield facility.

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