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Philippe Lugan

Chief Operation Officer, AQUILA

Philippe Lugan was appointed as Chief Operation Officer (COO) of Aquila ATMS in April 2018.

Philippe has over 30 years of financial, operational and general management experience.  He brings with him extensive knowledge of critical systems and development of Joint Ventures (JV) within Thales for a host of global civil and military customers.

In his most recent role Philippe was based in Thales Australia as Chief Operation Officer of ATM activities at a time where Thales Australia was ramping up and transforming for the ONESKY programme with the Australian Air Force and Air Services. In his role he contributed to the development of ATM activities and delivery of projects not only in Australia but also in Asia where Thales has a leading position.

He began his career at Thales in 1987 as Financial Controller of the Under Water Systems Business line and moved to Thomson Brandt Armements (TBA), a Thales subsidiary, in 1990 as Chief Financial Officer.  This subsidiary later became part of a Joint Venture between Thales and Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) where he was appointed as the General Manager of the Army Segment and dealt with Armed Forces business requirements.  In 1999, he was tasked to negotiate a Joint Venture between Thales and Samsung Electronics in Korea, developing defence activities.  Philippe was appointed the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Board of the newly created JV.

In 2003, he joined the Security Business Line of Thales, as Vice President (VP) of Operations and later on promoted to General Manager of the segment in charge of Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety. In 2009, with the award of a large security project in cooperation with Telmex, Philippe moved to Mexico as Program Director.

More recently, in 2011, Philippe was appointed as Chief Operation Officer for Thales activities and Joint Ventures in China.  Thales operates in China through various joint ventures dealing with urban transportation, in flight entertainment systems, Air Traffic Management, Optronics and tubes for medical application . In that role, he contributed to the development of the ATM joint-venture between Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation Administration of China (ATMB) and Thales.