Wind turbine solutions for radar

Mitigating the effect of wind turbines on surveillance capability

To create cleaner power generation, governments and organisations worldwide are increasingly promoting and incentivising the use of renewable energy sources. Offshore and onshore windfarm development is an area of rapid growth.

While windfarms are expected to play a major role in our future, the potential impacts of wind turbines on radars and other sensors need to be assessed and mitigated to ensure safe operation.

Striking a balance between optimising investment returns for windfarms while enabling safe air traffic operations and secure surveillance is critical. Aquila can help.

Aquila is delivering the solution, installation, training and maintenance of the MOD’s new air traffic management system and services at all UK military operational flying sites in the UK and overseas. It understands the equipment, operation and challenges for military and civilian radar and operations.


We have a network of system engineers to design, implement and support windfarm solutions with minimal impact to military and civil air operations

To support the development of windfarms, our in-house consultants support you to understand the windfarm impact and to design and implement the best solution.

Pre-Planning Assessment: We provide initial assessment, advice and guidance on the potential impacts of proposed windfarms developments on radar and surveillance systems.

Mitigation Solution: We identify and design the best possible solution for a site. Our engineers undertake a “proving programme” to demonstrate the mitigation impact before installation.

Deployment: Our engineers install and test the technical solution prior to operation, in line with authority or developer requirements.


As the technical authority on the UK Ministry of Defence air traffic management, Aquila is uniquely positioned to act as a consultant on behalf of the MOD to ensure windfarm developments do not impact the safety of air operations.

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