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Aquila operates across the UK and internationally

Aquila operates regional engineering hubs across the UK and internationally. They provide rapid and cost-effective support for our partners.

With operations management and engineering support located close to our partners, we provide hand-in-hand support where it is needed.

The Aquila Service Desk provides 24/7 one-stop support. With expert support and rapid response on the ground, our partners can operate safely and continuously.

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Aquila teams are located in regions across the world to support our customer operations wherever they are needed.

Our local teams provide an accessible, dependable and personal service.

Aquila operates in some of the most remote parts of the world, from the Outer Hebrides in the UK to the South Atlantic.

Already working alongside partners in Cyprus, the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar, we can provide support most parts of the world.

Aquila designs and supports systems for rapid deployment on operations into the field in any part of the world.

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Aquila has regional hubs across the UK, with engineering management and support in every region of England, Scotland and Wales currently.

Aquila teams are supported by Aquila’s Head Office located near Fareham in Hampshire, UK.

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