Air traffic management solutions

Designing and enhancing air traffic management capabilities

Technology moves fast – we move faster. Our customers need to have the latest air traffic management and surveillance technology. They need the safest systems and the latest technical updates to existing services.

Our trained solution designers are experts in technology and safety

Working with our customers and suppliers, we integrate the next generation of air traffic management and surveillance systems. From digital air traffic control towers to satellite-based services and the latest communication and networks technology, we design future-proofed solutions.

Our designers have the technical know-how and the industry knowledge to configure and implement systems for safety-critical operations.

Aquila ensures every solution is fit for its purpose and is scalable for future requirements. Through our system lifecycle process, we continuously evaluate the solution to make sure it meets future requirements.

We work with world’s top systems providers to design the best solutions for our partners. Able to partner with a wide range of suppliers, we provide cost-effective solutions which maximise the efficiency of existing capabilities with emerging technology.

We plan for our customers future needs, from procuring cost-effective spares packages to integrating solutions for drone and unmanned aerial vehicle technology.

We problem-solve, design and create the solutions

We understand international civil and military aviation requirements. Aquila is an Air Traffic Management Approved Organisation by the UK Military Aviation Authority.

We are certified to international standards for the quality and safety of our solution planning and design.

We focus on safety

Working with our customer, we assess all of the factors which may impact on a system’s safe and secure operation. We apply human factors principles during system development to design systems that are safe and effective to use.

Our safety experts assess and analyse a range of factors which may affect service integrity, including planning for system interruptions. They can provide one-off assessments and advice, as well as safety reviews to provide ongoing reassurance.

We safeguard critical operations

Development of new infrastructure near to air traffic management and surveillance equipment can affect its safe functioning. New buildings, systems or operations on or near airfields and ships can pose a serious risk to critical operations. Even alternations to buildings and systems could be fatal.

Our Safeguarding Team can provide assessment and advice on changes around airfield sites and communication stations. It can also assess the likely impact of planned development or changes to.

We provide ongoing monitoring and recording of approved activity around a site to help maintain smooth and safe operations.

Our in-house experts build resilient solutions and support safe operations

A united team trained to serve our customers through our resilient support

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