Aquila Ensures Supply Chain Confidence by Joining JOSCAR Community

Aquila has become the latest prime Defence, Aerospace and Security Industry contractor to join the JOSCAR community as a buyer of services. JOSCAR is an accreditation scheme for the Defence, Aerospace and Security Industry.

Capitalising on the benefits of the JOSCAR community, Aquila will gain access to the latest data management and validation insights for managing and mitigating risk in its supply chain, as well as strengthening relationships with peers across the industry.

Cindy Knight, Head of Procurement and Performance at Aquila, said:

“Aquila delivers vital services for operations such as air traffic management, air defence and weather forecasting. As we maintain these critical services for our customers, it is key to ensure our supply chain is fully compliant with necessary regulations and legislation. JOSCAR enables us to assure that more simply.

“It will make business easier for our hundreds of suppliers, many of them small businesses, and it will enable us to choose partners to work with in the future with greater insight.”

In contrast to traditional supplier management processes in the industry, where organisations must record and manage vast amounts of individual regulatory compliance data from their suppliers, Aquila will benefit from JOSCAR’s interactive interface that provides a complete picture of their supply chain whenever they need it. This will significantly reduce Aquila’s administrative burden of supplier data management.

The JOSCAR community platform provides relevant supplier insights that builds confidence across the supply chain in an agile way.

Colin Maund, CEO of Hellios which developed and manages JOSCAR, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Aquila to the JOSCAR buyer community. They will gain immediate benefit in joining the thriving group of industry peers and will receive instant access to the 5,500 suppliers already registered. We look forward to equipping them with the insights they need to help them manage supplier risk and build confidence within their supply chain.”

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