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    Are there any reasonable adjustments that you would like us to make to help you through your application? Please contact if you require any assistance with completing this application form.

    Data Protection Statement

    The information collected in this form is necessary and relevant to the role you have applied for. We will use the information provided by you for recruitment purposes only. Aquila treats all information disclosed by applicants with the utmost confidentiality, and in line with current data protection legislation.

    Do you have the unrestricted legal right to live and work in the country for the role you are applying for, for a minimum of 12 months? (Please note that for EU nationals who arrived in the UK post 31 December 2020, VISA sponsorship is required.)*

    Have you ever been the subject of an investigation into allegations of misconduct or malpractice in connection with any business activity? And or, are you currently the subject of any disciplinary proceedings by any regulating organisation, any recognised professional body or any other organisation, association or body?*

    Employees have a responsibility to be aware of the conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest with Aquila. Can you confirm if there is anything which could be considered a conflict of interest should you secure employment with Aquila? For example, a personal relationship with an existing Aquila employee, or continuing to perform a role at a competitor whilst employed by Aquila.*

    It is a requirement of employment with Aquila that you are able to obtain SC Clearance, which requires a full security questionnaire, as well as checks on criminal records, credit and financial history. Do you know of any reason your ability to obtain SC clearance would be affected?

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Aquila is committed to fostering an inclusive culture within which a diverse range of people can thrive and feel valued for their individuality
    This part of the application is voluntary, but responses will help us make sure that we’re creating an environment at Aquila in which different perspectives are heard and included in our decision-making and all that we do. Providing this information will give a much better understanding of the diversity of our applicants. Quite simply, diversity is good for our colleagues, our business and our customers.
    Rest assured that your individual data is kept completely confidential. In reports, data is aggregated and anonymised so individuals will not be identifiable in any reporting.

    Which of these best describes your current sexual orientation?

    Which of these best describes your current gender identity?

    Do you consider yourself to have a disability

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