Our Culture

Defining Aquila and the way we work

Company Culture

Our culture is underpinned by trust, reflection, and collaboration:

Trust to deliver on our promises and to self-manage our working days
Reflection to continuously improve ourselves and our company
Collaboration by working as one team and supporting one another

Inclusion and diversity

We have an inclusive culture. Powered by our Beliefs is one of our four guiding principles and we are proud to welcome everyone.
We are an equal opportunities employer and want to attract the best talent regardless of age, race, gender, political view, religious or sexual orientation.

Our Behaviours

We are relentless about safety
We put the safety of our people, customers and services first – every time.

We deliver on our promises
We are passionate about our work and are driven to excel in all that we do.

We do the right thing
We treat everyone with respect and dignity and always strive to do the right thing to enable our people to thrive.

We conduct our business ethically conduct
We act with complete integrity and comply with the strictest standards of ethical conduct.

We make a difference
We are proud of making a difference to our customers, our communities and each other.

We reflect to improve ourselves
We embrace change and always look for opportunities to innovate and do things better.

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