Proposed changes at Wembury Point

The Royal Navy’s Air Stations are among the busiest airfields in the UK. They are home to the Fleet Air Arm front-line and training teams who use many different aircraft and helicopters to complete vital training operations. In close proximity to the Royal Navy Air Stations on the South West coast of the UK is Wembury Point, a small MOD site which is home to two radars – a Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) and a Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR).  These radars are pertinent to the safety and security of training operations within the area.  Currently the two radars are co-mounted on one tower.  Due to technological advancement and new regulations Aquila is proposing to build a second tower to host a brand new SSR, this will include a small technical cabin at the foot of the tower to house radar equipment.  The existing tower and PSR will remain in its current location.


Wembury Point is of significant importance for providing critical air navigation aid services for Royal Navy training exercises and operations due to the site elevation and uninterrupted views.  Wembury Point provides the best opportunity for continuous radar coverage. This has been a key factor in the selection of Wembury Point as one of the retained radar sites on the South West coast.


Aquila recently hosted a Public Information Day about the proposed changes at Wembury Point.  This was a great opportunity for the Aquila Project team – Eddie Trott, Aquila South West Programme Manager and Barrie Rickard, Aquila Transition Manager, to meet with local residents and answer any questions they raised about the proposal at Wembury Point.  Aquila produced an information leaflet which give a bit more information about the proposal.  Click here to view the leaflet.


If you have any questions about the proposal please email

Aquila anticipates submitting the planning application in May 2019 and to start the building work towards the end of 2019.

Nicola Denbigh