Marshall will continually increase UK military aviation safety through life and ensure compliance with changing legislation and standards

Marshall will upgrade existing air traffic management systems and protect the UK military operator from future obsolescence

Marshall will deliver ongoing service efficiency savings for UK military terminal air traffic services throughout the 22 year life of the programme


Marshall was initiated by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom in 2005 to identify and evaluate options for the future delivery of their military terminal air Traffic Management (ATM) capability, which ensures that all flights are safely and efficiently managed and sequenced for take off and landing. ATM for the “en-route” flight phase is provided under a separate contract with NATS.

MOD announced the signature of a contract with AQUILA Air Traffic Management Services, to deliver Marshall on 29 October 2014. AQUILA ATMS was set up specifically to address Marshall and is owned on a 50:50 basis by NATS and Thales.

Watch our short video below for an overview of the project.


The current military ATM infrastructure has provided exceptional service over many years, but, in many cases, is approaching obsolescence and will soon be non-compliant with mandatory international regulations. It has now become very costly to support. Furthermore, much of the equipment does not meet MOD’s availability requirements and does not benefit from commonly accepted ATM efficiency and safety tools.

Marshall offers to transform the current capability into a modern, efficient and world class ATM service.